The Blueberry Summer

by Major: Undeclared

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released August 28, 2012

Connor Storms: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Nick "White Bricks" Voyack: SWEET lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Danielle McFarland: Vocals, soul
Zach Khanlinan: Drums, tambourine, hand drum, shaker, trombone, ukulele
Ian "Camo Aloha Flowers" Highland: Bass guitar, claps, fuzzy sounds

Lyrics written by Connor Storms (1-6, 8) and Danielle McFarland (6)
All music written by Major: Undeclared

Album cover photo by Zoe Lynch. Album art designed by Zach Khanlian.



all rights reserved


Major: Undeclared Moorestown, New Jersey

What does that smell like?

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Track Name: Colorblind
I could talk at a great length
About feelings that were never had
And you are a wavelength
My eyes can't fathom
I am a phantom to you

You are reflected light
And god knows I wish I were colorblind
You are the image in my mind
As I pass your room on my walk home tonight

The clear sky, the ocean floor
Lost and stranded for weeks in your decline
It doesn't matter what I'm looking for
I won't find you
I'll be reminded of you

I'll haunt you, I'll find you

I'll pass your room on my walk home
I'll pass your room walking alone
Track Name: Through The Leather
Are we tuned to the same stations?
Do our brains beat in time?
You tear me through the leather and I don't even mind

You chose me tonight
That's supposed to make me feel all right
Truth is I'm inebriated, but I would do this un-sedated

I know all the implications
I choose to pay them no mind
So we'll escape together and we'll run out of time

Please give me a warning
And don't leave in the morning
Please don't bite your lower lip, you know that I'm a sucker for it
Track Name: Who Can Play?
Her mind's made up, but don't feel bad
You gave her all you had

She had a plan before you made one
Loneliness can be so numb

Do what you can, do what you must
But with your friends always have trust

It may not be fair, but life's not a game
Win or lose it all ends the same

I can't wait for my life to fade to static
Track Name: New England
I was lost in New England on the highway at night
And with danger at every mile, no one flashed me their lights
The snow had all frozen and covered my path
And as I pushed forward my spirits tried pulling me back
I skidded and stopped short of

Falling off of a ledge on the side of the road
But I was always hanging there and I never could let go

So we took a scenic detour, you took the seat to my right
And our trips would be joyrides if we were in the mood that night
And we drove into a sunrise, our eyes glowing red
Now I love you from Jersey to Hartford and there and back again
Our journey there was slow, oh

But that's what it's all about, we will be each other's guide
We can figure this one out, every tunnel has a light
Track Name: Fly
We weren't built for tragedy
Who made us betrayed us
With love

Never-ending, desperate, sending
Sound waves, my last phase
This mourning

Alone below the sky
I'm far too high
And to teach me is to say goodbye

Bye to all our plans
And friends, and lover
My cover has fallen

When my station's fading out
Look inside, you'll find
My memory

Blinded by the light
In my eyes
Wishing you never learned to fly
Track Name: Colorblind (Reprise)
I'll haunt you, I'll find you
Track Name: Spectrum
You caught me drowning in a sea of blue
Now my life's a spectrum and it's kinda because of you
And I've faced all my demons, but there's more to exorcise
But I want you to see a better me, if you have the time

My past is a monster and I learn from my regrets
Though it stings I've found better things than drunken cigarettes
Because I've tried relationships and I've tried substance abuse
I've tried living lies and cutting ties but nothing cuts me loose

I'm a sucker for the symphony of your body and your mind
Wait for me, in time I'll want to stick around

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder and I want to be holding you
As ice melts beneath our feet I fear we could fall through
I'm stirring up my insides and I need professional help
But the fairy tale that always prevails is "I can fix myself"