The Secret Watermelon Handshake EP

by Major: Undeclared

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If you have to ask you'll never know.


released August 28, 2013

Zach Khanlian: drums, woos
Kyle Siegel: lead guitar and recording/mixing
Kevin Storms: keys
Ian Highland: bass
Danielle McFarland: vox
Connor Storms: vox, guitar, woos, sound that shouldn't come from a human body


all rights reserved



Major: Undeclared Moorestown, New Jersey

What does that smell like?

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Track Name: Liberty And Prosperity
I let you down in a highway town where the stars are satellites
While I stand I'll do what I can to make you forget those nights
With thoughts revealed on barren field, your heart was made of glass
And you keep cleaning that shattered mess of wounds bound in the past

You're falling and I won't catch you
You're calling and I can't hear you
You've left my arms bruised and broken with a ringing in my ears
This is your final last chance
To escape your child's love trance
It's high time, you've had mine, and now I'm running out

Self-deceit and body heat, these bandages don't last
I left you in that time and place I like to call my past

Was it sin to let you in? Did you get tangled, too?
In my chest an unwelcome guest: a heart still beating for you
Track Name: High Resistence
This has been the longest 2 weeks of my life
And I can't tell if I'm doing fine or if I'm falling behind
Just to know that I'm still alive
All you can do is try to keep your head above the tide

And I'm wandering these streets
Looking for something comforting that means a whole lot to me
I'm running out of time
Will you be mine?

It's about time I felt the sunshine
Winter winds blow cold on my neck
It's better than not feeling at all
Numb to the world

Now that all is said and done
It's getting hard to hide the shakes
Locked in a room with no windows, high resistance
We're in this for the long haul

Afraid you won't know what to say
Afraid I'll say the wrong thing
It's hard to realize how little you know people anymore
Things can't stay like that forever
Track Name: Coaxed Into Confidence
I could get lost in the smartphone, baby
Buy some new clothes and a haircut maybe
Hold back all your spite; you'll never fit my dreams just right
Heated words and a hotter temper
You play coy but I remember those nights
There's fire in your words, I can't believe you have the nerve

So realize the truth
That's relative to you
And I can't help but look the other way

Look at all his latest endeavors
Isn't he so sweet and clever, too?
He's in my custody, so great for my self-esteem

Embittered with disgust
What happened to our trust?
You lost it when you looked the other way

Don't act surprised, you've bit off more than you realize

Love should never be a chore
But I am so insecure it's true (jealousy, dependency)
Don't give up on me just yet, but if you do don't forget it's true
(Love, romance, full of chance)
I need you
Track Name: What Went Wrong
I've had enough of everyone
If it's not about me I'm done
Don't want to listen to your stupid problems
Your bullshit is my last straw
I don't care about you at all
Everything you say makes me feel sick

Please, take my advice
Don't talk to me I won't be nice

You set yourself up, set yourself up to be let down
Don't put your faith in me I'll leave you crying on the ground
I'll break all my promises and you won't ever find out what went wrong

I won't catch you when you fall
And I won't answer when you call
The time I waste with you: I'm over it
Always wear your heart on your sleeve
Always tell the same old stories
It's about time you got moving on

Mind your business, keep your distance
I don't want to catch your sickness
Track Name: Long Live The Queens
Living the dream, but you've been interrupted
'Cause you're one man down and you've been corrupted
They've suited you better for Hollywood life
Where the fakest of the fake see their names in lights

And your cold core stabs like a spade
Through all the clubs you have played
And shining like a diamond make sure you're all dolled up
But you have lost your heart

Your temper's as short as your backbone is frail
And your denial's as strong as your will to prevail
And all your friends are just ticket sales

You don't know what it is to be reckless and free
You are marionettes and painted eyes can't see
But you are young and fragile and sensitive things
And I hope you grow out of your strings

So have fun on your rutter-less ship
And know that I'm worried for you
'Cause you're young and you're dumb and you're not the only one
'Cause I am that way, too

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